What's Your Excuse is a campaign focused on how cervical screening attendance reached a 20-year low in 2019. It highlights the excuses given by women and how they are not worth risking your life for.
At the heart of the campaign are the excuses and misconceptions of women, who have highlighted their struggles with attending smear test appointments. Barriers include embarrassment, body confidence, fear of the procedure and lack of awareness to name a few.
The aim is for others to identify and feel empowered by the messages and to attend an important life saving preventative test. The campaign brings a cheeky and thought-provoking perspective to an area of women’s health that is largely unspoken and taboo. 
By using eye catching photography that creates anatomical ambiguities and connotations, it aims to shock the audience and grab their attention. The campaign will help to spread awareness via a multitude of communication channels including posters, billboard adverts, information cards, a social media presence and age appropriate educational HPV leaflets.

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